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Exploration route

  The exploration route "Voevodin dol - Skaklia" reveals a lot of the characteristic features of the "Vrachanski karst" reserve. It shows quite attractive natural scenes with the distinctive presence of flora and fauna. This route leads to typical karst formations, plants and animal species.

  Starting from the picturesque gorge "Vratsata", along "Voevodin dol" you will find yourself walking in the pleasant shadow of the woods. After raining you can see playful streams running in the dingles with multiple of tributaries. Looking to your left you will see a high rock wall drilled with lots of cave formations. Just a little bit further there is an information sign waiting for you to let you know about the plant and animal species you will come across in the reserve. If you want to rest, further on there are two small spots with benches and fireplaces. After the second one the slope gets steeper. The view that shell be revealed before you worth every single effort of the climbing. The imposing Central wall of "Vratsata" erects with all its magnificence (a 450 meters high vertical wall that is the highest limestone wall in the Balkan peninsular and the highest one in Europe at such height above the sea level). The panorama is unique, as though the view is "in your palm".

  After so many positive emotions it's time to rest. There is an alcove on the ridge where you can eat and chat, and the view is still so beautiful. Next to the alcove there is a sheep-fold, and the shepherd is so hospitable that he brings home made cheese for you to try it.

  It's time to go again. We walk on the ridge, where there was a village once. We will see the Karakachanskata cave which was once used to store milk and meat. Ten more minutes of walking and we will see the vertical slope of Skaklia waterfall (the highest rainy waterfall in Bulgaria). In the waterfall wall you will see the Skaklia cave. There are lots of bird species living in it.

  It's time to start climbing down the gully of the waterfall. The track is significantly harder and requires higher concentration and attention. The terrain is typical for the karst origin of the reserve. Of course, the multiple rock hurdles and steep slopes will not be much of an obstacle for you.

  After an hour of walking and jumping over rocks and cross tracks we can make another rest. Further on the route becomes more even and we come across an unceasing spring where we can refresh ourselves and take a breath before hitting the road to the town of Vratsa. Twenty more minutes of walking on a even path and there we will find ourselves already out of the borders of the exploration route, 100 meters away from the town.

  It's time to say goodbye and we hope that you had a good time with us, full of pleasant moments.

  Next time we can climb the defile of Skaklia walking the opposite direction, ok?

  For your information:

  - It takes 5 hours to walk the route;

  - Your mobile phone has connection on the route;

  - The exit of the route does not end at the entrance. The distance between these two points is about two kilometers;

  - We recommend that you use suitable shoes which will protect your feet and will not twist your ankles.

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